In the late 1990's, nuclear power plants contributed around 25% of total annual electricty generation in the UK. Although this figure has since fallen, there are significant amounts of planned activity over the next 10-20 years.

  • 15 of the UK's 16 reactors generating circa 19% of its electricity will be decommissioned by 2023
  • The first new-generation plant is expected to be on line about 2018
  • 19 GWe of new-generation plants will be on line by 2025

ITHR Energy's Nuclear Division is perfectly positioned to support the decommissioning, construction and operations of Nuclear power plants by providing contract and permanent resource solutions during peaks in demand. Our specialist team is currently working with a number of leading global companies providing skill across both installed base and new build nuclear projects. Our specialist consultants have significant experience in the nuclear industry and we have been successful in placing candidates within:

  • Nuclear Stream Supply
  • Nuclear Island
  • Turbine Island
  • Licensing / Regulations
  • Safety Case and Civil Sectors

If you are interested in a partner for talent that you can rely on, or ar looking for new opportunities - we would love to hear from you.